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E-Safety Class News

28th Jan 2022
This term we have been talking about the internet and what we might use it for. We...

E-Safety Updates

April Online Safety Parental Newsletter (17th Apr 2023)

This month the newsletter is discussing how to be kind and respect one another when online. Internet Matters have produced a list of manners that we could use when online talking to others. This allows for a discussion about talking with strangers online, your child's safe adult as well as how to report someone that is being unkind. There are some updates regarding Snapchat, BeReal and TikTok and how to link these to your Family Centre through parental controls.

March Online Safety Parental Newsletter (6th Mar 2023)

This months newsletter has some helpful hints and ideas to keep your child safe when out and about away from home. A new app called Hollie Guard allows you to track your child's movements, as well as a built in SOS button to raise an alert with their designated contacts if in danger. A section around some new features within the game Roblox is all discussed, and how to keep your child safe when having fun by making use of the parental controls.

February Online Safety Parental Newsletter (5th Feb 2023)

This month the parental newsletter discusses the importance of ensuring that your child is signed up to age appropriate apps. Entering a child's age incorrectly or inputting the adults age to access an app or social media, will lead to your child viewing content that is not age appropriate. A link to Ofcom explains this in more detail and can be accessed through the parental newsletter. There is also some up to date information on the latest social media trends and games that may not be suitable for your child.

January Online Safety Parental Newsletter (8th Jan 2023)

This month the parental newsletter reinforces the importance of appropriate broadband settings. Step by Step parental controls are highlighted for a range of broadband providers to help keep you and your family safe. The SWGfL have also created a free tool to help test what your broadband is filtering and what your family has access to.

November Online Safety Parental Newsletter (7th Nov 2022)

With Anti-Bullying week taking place within school during November this months newsletter talks about how you can support your child to 'Reach Out.' The newsletter also discusses a new app called Yubo, that is aimed for children over the age of 17 but is being downloaded and used by children as young as 13. Due to the nature of this app your child may come across content that is not suitable for them. It is important to monitor the apps that your child is downloading, as well as reinforcing the importance of teaching them how to report and block users.

October Online Safety Parental Newsletter (5th Oct 2022)

This month our parental newsletter is highlighting the importance of knowing what apps our children are using and wheter they are ready to be using them. There are some good tips and advice regarding Snapchat and a new app called BeReal. Informing our children about how to stay safe and report, is always a theme that runs through all of our parental newsletters.


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